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The future of thoughtfully connected government technology can change your city for the better. No killer robots coming back required.

Determining the official birthday of the internet is no easy task.

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Known by another name as the “Millenium bug”, Y2K stands for “Year Two Thousand” and refers to the panic that erupted when people realized going into a new decade might throw a major wrench in all things digital.


From lasers to holograms, how did a movie franchise from 40 years ago predict so much technology that modern society relies upon?


In honor of #GivingTuesday, we’re rolling out our first company-wide employee-driven fundraising initiative for six non-profit Pilot customers.


The Pilot office has its fair share of football fans and, as you might guess, we’re also pretty big fans of the internet. So we’re taking a look at how the internet has influenced the evolution of the NFL over the past few years.